Writing Letters to Sechelt Councillors

Hello Supporters!

On June 12th, 2024, our team will present at the District of Sechelt’s Committee of the Whole meeting, asking them to join the Sue Big Oil lawsuit and commit to put aside $1 per resident towards the effort. This is an important moment in our campaign here on the Sunshine Coast and we really need your support.

You can help us succeed by writing to the District of Sechelt. You can send them an email, but – if you really want to get noticed – post them a letter on paper. (Councillors receive a lot of email.)

Below is a sample letter that you can use as-is or as a starting point for writing your own letter. We encourage you to edit the letter so that the Councillors receive a unique message from you.

We have included links here on the web page so you can review the information that the letter below refers to. If you are sending by email, and your email program sends HTML-formatted email, then copying and pasting this letter from the website to your email message should keep these links intact so that the Councillors can read that background information too.

You’ll need to fill in your signature at the bottom of the email where text is in [square brackets]. 

If you are sending the letter by email, send it to council@sechelt.ca. This will reach the mayor and all six councillors.

If you are posting a letter on paper, here is the address to post to:

Mayor and Council
District of Sechelt
2nd Floor, 5797 Cowrie Street
Sechelt, BC
V0N 3A3

Thank you in advance to everyone who takes the time to send a letter!

Dear Dear Mayor Henderson and Councillors Bell, Inkster, McLauchlan, Rowe, Shepherd and Toth

From devastating floods to raging wildfires, communities across the province are feeling the effects of climate change firsthand. Recent articles, such as the CBC News piece on B.C. communities grappling with climate-related emergencies, highlight the urgent need for action. 

As a Sunshine Coast resident, I’m asking myself: How is Sechelt going to pay for the costs of climate change? The world’s largest oil, gas and coal companies have made trillions of dollars selling products that knowingly cause greenhouse gas pollution. Isn’t it time they pay their fair share of climate costs? 

A delegation from Sunshine Coast Sue Big Oil will soon present to the District of Sechelt Committee of the Whole, and I strongly encourage you to support the petition. A class action lawsuit would allow local governments to pool resources and use existing legal tools to force global fossil fuel companies that have caused harm in BC.

I hope that Sechelt Council will join forces with municipal leaders in Gibsons, Burnaby, Qualicum Beach, Slocan, View Royal, and Squamish who have pledged to Sue Big Oil so that BC residents do not bear the full cost of climate-related harms. I would welcome a reply, so that I know this email reached you.

[put your name here]
[put your email address here]
[put your location – for example, Sechelt – here]

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