Say it loud and proud on social media: British Columbians support a lawsuit against Big Oil

Date: Friday, August 19, 2022
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Vancouver’s ‘Sue Big Oil’ decision last month generated some loud controversy. The motion was passed in a 6-5 decision, with councillors agreeing to allocate $1 per resident towards a future class action lawsuit by local governments against major fossil fuel companies for the costs of climate change. [Note: This decision was subsequently reversed by the next Vancouver Council that was voted in.]

The historic decision was covered in local and international news with climate law experts celebrating Vancouver’s bold move to hold polluters accountable for climate costs currently covered by taxpayers. People also took to social media to express their support for the decision.

In a recent Stratcom poll, 69% of respondents said they strongly (39%) or somewhat (30%) support this type of lawsuit. Support was strong across the province, the political spectrum, and the so-called urban/rural divide.

It is critical that the majority – and especially the 39% who strongly support their local governments suing Big Oil – speak out to answer questions and correct misunderstandings to bring people into this campaign. In this post we respond to some of the social media mudslinging and questions/criticisms circulating on the internet.

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