Climate Change Litigation is Spreading throughout the World

Date: Monday, July 3, 2023
Complete Report: Global Trends in Climate Change Litigation: 2023 Snapshot

Our efforts here on the Sunshine Coast are part of a global phenomenon of individuals and groups taking legal action to slow climate change.

The graph below comes from page 14 of the report titled Global Trends in Climate Change Litigation: 2023 Snapshot, by Joana Setzer and Catherine Higham. (You can click the image to enlarge it.)

Note: Cumulative figures to 31 May 2023. This figure only includes cases filed before national courts or quasi-judicial bodies specific to a given country. The 118 cases filed before international or regional bodies, including the courts of the European Union, are not included.
Source: Authors based on Sabin Center databases. Created with

As the Instagram account OutrageOptimism shares:

Climate litigation is potentially a hugely powerful force for systemic change, with over half the cases in the last year leading to DIRECT judicial outcomes that are favourable to climate action.

We also love the point made in this report that EVEN if unsuccessful, the indirect effect of these cases is significant. The ripple is happening and we can never know the full effect of our actions.

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